Got Toenail Issues?

We’re currently inviting volunteers to participate in a study investigating a potential new topical treatment for toenail fungus


You may be suitable to join if you are:

years old

If you're eligible, you will receive:

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Experience symptoms related to toenail fungal infection on at least one of your big toes

Able to attend clinic visits and keep a record over the trial period

Potential new treatment or placebo

Payment for your time, out-of-pocket expenses and inconvenience experienced

Spaces are limited. 

See if you qualify today!

Toenail fungus can be a problem for lots of people. It can cause discolouration, odour, thickening and brittleness of the toenail. 

This trial is investigating a potential new treatment and is the second trial to be conducted. The study treatment is brushed onto the toenail(s) and, aside from the first application, this would be done at home. Participants will keep a record of each time they apply the topical solution. 

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